GEK Wiki / GEK v4_x CAD drawings for all sheet metal parts
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GEK v4_x CAD drawings for all sheet metal parts

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Here are the raw CAD drawings for the GEK v4.x sheet metal parts.  As of summer 2011, we are on v4.2.


These drawings do not yet have the dimensions indicated, so they will only be helpful if you have a CAD program to load and read the details.   We're posting these despite our not being done with the documentation, as many have asked for them, and we thought it better to put up the raw files in the interim for those who can use them.


You can cut these parts yourself, or buy the parts as a kit from ALL Power Labs.  Either way, you weld the pieces together using the GEK gasifier building instructions.


These materials are offered under the intentions of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.  You are welcome to use these materials free of charge for any personal use- whether non-profit or for profit.  If you do so, we request you acknowledge the source and similarly post documentation of updates and/or new additions you come up with to the GEK Forum and/or GEK Wiki.  The only use limitation concerns commercial manufacturing and resale.  If you are going in this direction, see the GEK license for more info.



Full res versions of the parts file is available in .pdf and .dxf at the links below:












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