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Big Island Growers. Biochar research and production in Hawaii.




"Actually the graph was from a short test run on a biochar pilot plant.  It is not a BEK, but rather a good sized (8 m3) retort that is under construction here in Hawaii.  Have a USDA grant to build the thing.  Fairly simple design with indirect heating through the bottom and sides then further heating with the low oxygen combustion or "sweep gas".  The PCU is perfect for the instrumentation.  In fact, I think I just got a Canadian company to use it as the base instrumentation for their new biochar production units.

I will post the VB6 and VB.Net code and executable for the PCU/GCU data logging and graphing program on the forum within the next few weeks.


Here is some other stuff that might be of interest.




"The above is a 2.5 HP high temperature blower - a copy of a Dayton model.  Right is the off-gas condenser made from a condemed LPG tank. 

Individual pieces for the big unit are being completed one by one.  Hope to start hooking them all together and light the thing off of by early December."

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