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GEK User: Holger

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Holger hosted the Gasifier Workshop in Germany and the end of October '10. Here's his GEK on location in Zellingen:


Holger's company: German Biomass and Renewable Engineering



Update from Holger: 5/16/11

Videos below of the preparation and running of the 10kW PowerPallet in the rain in Germany. More about this run here on the forum: 


"Dear APL-Team,
again we got very impressive news for you all.


Herbert arrived @ 10.00 pm in Duisburg.
We cleaned all the things, that Abram wrote me on friday.
Then we refilled the hopper with the best fuel Jim ever had in his GEK until he was in Zellingen."We used fine prepared dry woodchips, that Herbert ordered last year for the October EU workshop.

This was a short run, because we where very successful. We wanted to prepare my visit on your site when your workshop is.

Than Herbert lighted the fire,
It took not more than 10 minutes until we had over 850°C.

We startet the engine first time after 7 months.

I was amazed to see and hear the Kubota nicely doing his job. See the videos after the upload.

After an hour we closed.

Will will come in the next days with some more good news from here.

Best regards

I opened a new project on that day: Biomass Power School in Duisburg. website is under construction.

There in Duisburg we make now very often workshops, until 6 people come together. The BPS-workshops are going one day. They are in preparation before ordering a GEK. After a registration and prepayment of 500 Euro we start with basics in the morning, make some runs and than we speak about feasabilities of fuel and how to apply a chp in the specific application."







More of Holger's videos and live broadcast available on USTREAM:



More pictures from Holger:


Workshop in the sandbox holds on, Kersten restarts now from 170°C




Real time data from the PowerPallet accessed from the web:




Some really great pictures from another one of Holgers workshops:

And some more pictures from yet another one of Holgers shows:



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