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Datalogged Test Runs and Analysis

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With the GEK Gasifier Control Unit (GCU), now even the unfunded can have access to real instrumentation and the pleasures of quantitative data.  No longer are DIY gasifier developers limited to data free speculations and anecdotal reports of "it works!", "damn, it doesn't work!".  The GEK GCU now makes possible full instrumentation and datalogged tests across any run condition you want to explore, all at non-NASA test equipment prices.


To get the collaborative science started, here below is the in-house APL series of datalogged tests to explore how various fuel types and run conditions relate to particulars of tar and gas production.  The goal is to be able to use temp and pressure readings for gasifier diagnostics and establish a formal set of "conditions needed" for clean gas production. 


Our hypothesis is that we can most accurately correlate tar production with temps maintained at the reduction restriction, which approximately measures how well x temp has propagated and filled the hearth area for tar cracking.   Similarly, we hypothesize we can establish number quidelines for the pressure drop across the reactor one needs to ensure the nozzle blast is filling the hearth, and engaging all tar is that is passing through.  Combining these temp and pressure guidelines, we plan to soon have a formal gasifier tuning method that relieves the newbie guessing how and where to find the sweet spot.   (note from months later: this now exists, see here)


Imagine, a speedometer and tachometer to tell you how to drive your gasifier.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Here's the tests towards this goal to date, starting with the most recent.


GEK Test Runs at All Power Labs



Experiments and Tests


Test Protocols, Methodology, and Instrumentation







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