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Default nozzle position and reduction bell dimensions

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The default nozzle height for the GEK is 3" above the reduction bell restriction.  This is a nozzle position known to be a reasonable starting point and will give you a reasonable gas on your first run.  You will need to adjust from here depending on fuel size, fuel type, and all the rest of the usual gasifier variables. 


The nozzle height is adjusted with spacers made of 1"OD, .065 wall steel tube.  These are placed under the nozzle risers to create the desired offset.  Mind the 1/8" difference in bottom reference level between the reduction bell plate and the 90deg elbow neck which the nozzle risers sit on.


The v1.x and v2.2 GEKs came with a cast iron reduction bell with a 3" top restriction, which tapers out to a 4" bottom bell.  They are either 6" or 6.5" tall, depending on version.  As of GEK v2.3, we've upgraded to a stainless stell reduction bell: 3" top restriction, 6" bottom opening, 6" tall.  The drawing below shows these dimensions for new stainless steel reduction bell.





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