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Drum Filter and Scrubber

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Here's our new drum filter we're now including with the kit as of November, 09.  The filter is primarily a packed bed type, but includes a liquid pool in the base of the drum so it can also operate as a recirculating tumble scrubber.  This allows for a self contained scrubber solution, with disposal of the dirty water back into the reactor. 


Wet filtering is more effective than dry filtering.  The problem is the disposal of the dirty water.  The scenario here is to use the thermally augmented nature of the GEK Hot TOTTI architecture to create adequate thermal headroom in the reactor so that we can dynamically introduce water in relation to real time measured temps.   And what better water to use than dirty filter water as you need to get rid of it anyway?  The problem of wet filtering liquid disposal can be a positive of partially steam amended gasification.


The drum filter can also just be used as a larger packed bed filter.  This offers a larger safety net during poor gas production, and generally longer run times between filter media changes.  Gas is cool enough at the drum filter that you can use raw biomass as filter media, and not have it move into pyrolysis temps.  This is only possible because of the extensive air preheating and gas cooling system of the reactor and gas cowling.


The two pictures at the far right show what the insides look like after two hours of running on teak chunks at a sawmill operation in Costa Rica.  The media, cloth, lid and perf retaining ring are unsoiled as as new.


Here below are the dimensions of the drum and bung points for gas and liquid recirculation.  It is made from a standard open top 16gal drum.


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