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Drum Filter and Scrubber

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in the video you can also see we've also gone to a larger barrel filter with a

liquid pool in the base. this allows for a recirc tumble scrubber solution with

minimal power pump, with disposal of the dirty water back into the reactor.

this is another reason for the elaborate heat recovery and recycling solution.

it is to create adequate thermal headroom in the reactor so that we can

dynamically introduce water in relation to real time temps. and what better

water to use than dirty filter water as you need to get rid of it anyway?

the drum filter can also just be used as a larger packed bed filter. yes, i

agree we skimped on filtering on the early units. we used the minimum that was

needed once you know what you are doing. this was done to keep prices down as

much as possible. but people should have a larger safety net. my biases for

integrated, minimum part count problem solving don't trump the need for buffers

for error. thus starting recently we have been delivering the gek with the drum

filter. even the regular basic kit. it also cools the gas more if you are not

using the auger drying system. still a single filter, but now a more typically

sized one.

the secondary benefit is we can now ship the whole thing without any carboard

boxes. just two steel barrels of gek. near zero packing materials needed. all

below ups weights so shipping is cheap and easy. thus the filtering solution

became the shipping solution.





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