GEK Wiki / Ejector-Venturi gas drive with air premix swirl burner
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Ejector-Venturi gas drive with air premix swirl burner

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Here's the parts and assembly pictures for how we make the GEK ejector-venturi.  This solution will pull to about 20" of water vac, via a 1/8" air jet.  The entire assembly is made from plumbing parts, chosen to approximate the best practice dimensions for ejector-venturis.


We integrate the ejector-venturi, mixer and swirl burner into a single "Eturi Tree".  This creates a single assembly that is easy to move from one location to another on your system.  The integral mixture valve let's you dial in your fuel/air mixture you get a perfect clean burn, as well as more easily maintain your flame with poor gas. 


The swirl burner in general gives you a much more stable flare than a linear burner, as the swirl is constantly bringing the flame back on itself.  You can also add some steel wool in the base of the swirl can for easy relighting.  Or add one of various heating element options to get auto lighting without a propane torch.  See here for swirl burner building instructions.


Most personal scale gasifiers need a 5" or 6" swirl burner can.  We use as 5" on the standard GEK.  6" on the larger Power Pallets.


See also the wiki page on our early tests of the "Eturi Tree".



         first fire






Inventory for building the GEK ejector venturi




1.5" black cross 1
1.5" black plug 1
1.5" black close nipple 4
1.5" x 1.5" x 1/2" black reducing tee 1
1.5" to 3/4" black reducing bell 2
0.75" x 8" black nipple 1
1.5" gate valve 1
0.75" ball or gate valve for air mix 1
1/4" ball or needle valve for air drive 1
1.5" to 3/4" black reducing bushing 1
0.75" black nipple, close 1
0.5" black nipple, 2 long, INSIDE THREADED 1
0.5" black tee 1
0.5" black plug 1
0.5" to 1/4" reducing bushing 1
1/4" air quick connect (m or f ? ) 1
3/8" black nipple, 4" /4.5" INSIDE THREADED 1
brass bard 1/4 npt x 1/8 barb 2
1.5" black nipple, 6" long 1
1/4" black nipple, close 1
1/4" npt x 1/8" brass barb 1





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