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Gasoline from Methanol

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Pathway of reactants:

2CO (g)+ 4H2 (g) --> 2CH3OH (g) --> H2O (l) + CH3OCH3 (g) (DME) --> gasoline (75%)

(excess hydrogen in the synthesis gas to make methanol is added for kinetic reasons even though the ratio of CO/H2 can be as low as 2.02/1 (1))

Methanol is made from synthesis gas, then dehydrated to make DME which is then further dehydrated in a zeolite matrix to form gasoline.


Zeolite Technologies

Zeolites are micropourous aluminosilicates that act as molecular sieves that can accommodate a variety of cations that are readily exchanged with solutions that are poured through it.


Mobil MTG (Methanol To Gasoline)

Gaseous methnol is dehydrated at 380C in a fixed bed zeolite catalyst called ZSM-5 (HZSM-5). This aluminosilicate has a high silica and low aluminum content.  Enough Al3+ molecules replace the Si4+ molecules that require an extra H+ ion which gives it a high acidity and reactive quality.


UPO and Norsk Hydro MTO (Methanol to Olefins)











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