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GEK Improvements, Add-ons, and Customizations

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Here's the inventory of proposed and/or implemented hearth mods, tar recycling systems, filter improvements, automated start up, auger fuel feeding, etc, etc, etc.   Some of this is ready to go currently.  Some is in process.  Some is hoped for in the future.  And some has already been found to not be interesting and thus passed into the "inactive" section.   You are encouraged to add ideas and implementations of your own to this resource list.  



Items of Current Interest (as of September, 09)


New System Architectures

  • The Hot TOTTI:  "Tower of Total Thermal Integration".  Full integration of "waste heats" between the gasifier - engine system.
  • 100kw GEK Powertainer:  The GEK Hot TOTTI scaled up to a 100kw size and integrated with a Cummins diesel in a shipping container



New Reactor Inserts 

  • 11 Inch Reactor: Larger hearth area for standard size GEK

  • PyroCoil: Heat exchanger gas circulation shell to return IC exhaust gas heat to reactor for pyrolysis

  • Triple Hips Downdraft Reactor: zone separated, internal tar recycling, extended pyrolysis, and open swirl combustion chamber


Gas Drive



Gas Filtering


Tar Recycling

Fuel Stirring / Agitation


Fuel Feeding, drying and cutting





Items Graduated to Standard GEK Features or Available Add-ons (or found to not be interesting)


Fuel Feeding, drying and cutting


Hearth Mods and Reactors


Electronic Automation








Vac/Blower/Ejector and other Gas Transport


Simplify Start Up


Ideas in progress, not yet classified (to be filed on this page, as they mature)





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