GEK Wiki / GEK v3 CAD drawings for all sheet metal parts
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GEK v3 CAD drawings for all sheet metal parts

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Here are the GEK Gasifier plans CAD drawings for all cut sheet metal pieces used to make the GEK v3.0.  The drawings are divided between the rectangular pieces that are rolled to make the vessel tubes, and the circular pieces for flange rings, end plates and grates.   Fabrication Instructions for v3.0 kit are here.


All GEK materials are open source and actively supported by ALL Power Labs.  The design concepts and drawings below are released under the intentions of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.  Many rights are given.  Some rights are reserved.   You are welcome to use this material free of charge for making or using the GEK in any non-commerical endeavor.  By using the material, you agree to acknowledge its source and similarly post documentation of updates and/or new additions you come up with so others can benefit from your work.  Updates should be posted to the GEKforum at


Using these materials for commerical manufacturing and/or sale requires a formal licensing agreement with ALL Power Labs.  The licensing fee is proposed as a simple 10% on gross sales.  If you are going in this direction, please contact Jim Mason at "gek_(at)_allpowerlabs_(dot)_org for more details. 


Making and using the GEK for a personal commercial installation is fine and without licensing requirements.  Licensing only comes into play if you want to maufacture, sell and/or install the units for others, and receive pay in the process (i.e. you want to go into business making and selling the GEK to others).   Otherwise, making and using it yourself at your facility or house for financial gain is acceptable and an irrevocably granted right. 


In other words, if you invest the effort to "make our software", you are welcome to do most anything you want with it-- just as long as you don't sell it to others.


And now, the CAD files . . .




Full res versions of the file is available in .pdf and .dxf at the links below.  






Full res versions of the file is available in .pdf and .dxf at the links below. 












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