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High Temp Flex Tubing and Hose

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many gas distribution things are made easier to build if you can use flex hose and tubing.  unfortunately, the gas temp at most stages in a gasifier system makes this difficult.  here's a rough survey of some things we've found relevant for solving this problem.


at the "not expensive but still good" end there is this from mcmaster   this is up to 500F silicone hose. on the previous page there is one to 650F.  this is the highest of the rubber/plastic type things. we use these on the gek for the cyclone to drying bucket conection.  it is our favorite "plastic" type hose we've found so far.  some hydraulic rubber hoses will do about the same, but at much larger cost. 


then you go into the corregated aluminum "dryer" hose.  this generally does not come below 3", but it is extremely cheap and excellent for prototyping fast.  it also falls apart easily and is not pressure or vacuum sealed.  it will leak in both directions.


then there is lots of flex metal ducting like used for exhaust pipes. see here in mcmaster  this is much thicker and robust, but it still does not fully seal. depending on how many overlaps you have, the seal is better or worse. 


then you move into corregated ss tubing.  like the nat gas lines we use for the ss air preheating tubes, just bigger.  it is hard to find at larger sizes as just the raw corregated tube. if you find it, tell me too.  one usually finds it as hte inside of a ss mesh wrapped fancy flex line. think industrial or medial process flex tube. this is completely sealed, and will take temp.  very fancy and very expensive.  the best if you can afford it.


that is the basic survey i know of regarding the not great options in this area. if you find better things, do tell.  we all need this.



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