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Practical Engineering

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The Numbers: Sizing, Calculating, Converting and Rules of Thumb


Gasifier Sizing


Calculating and Converting


Standards, Definitions and Trade Best Practice




Materials for Gasifier Building 




High Temp Materials






Gasifier System Components



Particulate Separation

Removal of tar from biomass gasification using carbon materials. Paper compares the performance of charcoal, activated charcoal and coke as a filter media downstream of gasification.  



Fans and Blowers 


Ejector-venturis, Eductors, Jet pumps


Coolers and Condensors 


Combustors and Flares

Fuel Preparation



Solid Material Handling


Drying Methods and Machines 



 Accessory Components




Engines, Generators and Electrical





Engineering for Liquification




Other Gasifier Design Resources



see also Raw Science section for physical applications of the above




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