Pumping Tarry Liquids

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Pumping tarry liquids is hard.  The tars are sticky and foul pumps.  Here's some ideas for how to solve the problem from a discussion on the gasification list awhie back.


- Peristaltic Pumps



- Pneumatic transport with venturi inlet uptake.  like a paint spray gun.


- Pneumatic rising column.  Pump air in bottom of pipe that is submerged in the liquid.  Air plugs will rise pulling/pushing liquid upwards.


- Dishwaster Recirculation Pumps

washing machine drain pumps are designed to handle lumpy water. The

standard life testing process involves 24/7 non stop operation pumping

a slurry of corn, peanut butter, oils, oatmeal, water and soap for six

months. They are rated at 80 deg C but I've done two year tests of the

same slurry at 95-98 deg C with no problems. The ones with wet rotors

seem to last longer. They cost about 12-20 dollars and if you've got

an old washer sitting around they are free. Hope this helps.


- Progressive cavity pumps



- Tesla Turbine Pump.  Didn't Tesla solve all problems . . . ?


- Hot Air Pump