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Swirl Burner

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Building the Swirl Burner for GEK v2.0


Parts needed:

     -burner tube

     -bottom plate

     -gas inlet tube


1. Assemble burner

  • Pull tube together, using a ratchet strap if necessary
  • Fit bottom plate into place, using tabs to fit into slots on edge of tube. Tack weld as you go around the edge of the tube, keeping the parts fit up tightly
  • Keep side seam tight and 90 degrees to the bottom end, tack down the seam
  • Flip over and fit gas inlet tube carefully over hole in burner. Tack into place, keeping the inlet level with bottom of burner for a 90 degree orientation
  • Weld all the way around bottom plate, up the side seam and all the way around gas inlet





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