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v2-0 CAD drawings for all sheet metal parts

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Here are the CAD drawings for all cut sheet metal pieces used to make the GEK v2.0.  The drawings are divided between the rectangular pieces that are rolled to make the vessel tubes, and the circular pieces for flange rings, end plates and grates.


This material is released under a General Public License (GPL).  All GEK materials are open source and actively supported by ALL Power Labs.  You are welcome to use them free of charge for any personal use or non-commercial endeavor.  If you do, we only request you acknowledge the source and similarly post documentation for updates and/or new additions you come up with for the GEK so others can benefit from your work.


Using these materials for commerical manufacturing and sale requires a formal licensing agreement with ALL Power Labs. The licensing fee is a simple 10% on gross sales.  If you are going in this direction, please contact Jim Mason at "gek_(at)_allpowerlabs_(dot)_org for more details.


And now, the CAD files . . . 



Full res versions of these files are available in .pdf and .dxf at the links below. 







Full res versions of the above are available in .pdf and .dxf at the links below.   





After you cut and roll the pieces, the results will look somewhat like this (Note: this picture is the v1.0 parts, not v2.0.)






 If you want to see the CAD drawings organized by individual vessel, see the v1.0 CAD files here


The changes between the v1.0 and v2.0 files mostly concern details of manufacturing and fabrication refinement.  The raw dimensions for all vessel tubes, flange rings, end plates and grates remain the same.  Thus there is full interoperability of parts, add-ons and customizations between v1.0 and v2.0.


The major upgrade for v2 is the addition of a tab and slot system to make fab fixturing easier and more accurate.  With tabs and slots at all joints, the sheet metal pieces snap together like a puzzle you're actually supposed to be able to solve.  All kits delivered by ALL Power Labs have these tabs and slots.   If you're cutting these pieces by hand, we suggest you ignore the tabs and slots and just cut the outline shapes.  Hand cutting these tiny detail shapes will be more hassle than they're worth.  If you're cutting via a CNC machine, you want to include the tabs and slots.


Other changes between v1 and v2.

- cyclone taper changed to a rolled taper from the welded up fingers.

- ash port and fuel feed hole changed from sewer clean out welded on, to bol down plate covers.

- holes in top of reactor for tar recycling tees eliminated in anticipation of internal tar recycling system.





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