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Note: The new news section is now the blog on the main site.  We'll integrate the old news below and the new news in the blog soon.  Bear with us, we are currently in the shop welding and can't get to the computer at the moment.


Comments (2)

scott Christopher Romack said

at 11:50 pm on Mar 24, 2009

Hey, new here and where do I send my dumb questions?
How long does a load of wood last you in a car application?
Also, is it possible to witch back to petrol in a car application?

Very cool with the china diesel!

Daniel Chisholm said

at 7:39 am on Mar 25, 2009

Hi Scott, this wiki doesn't really work very well for conversations, or for back-and-fort questions and answers. The just-opened forum is exactly what the doctor ordered. Go start a thread there, probably under "GEK General Discussion" would be best; hopefully you'll get good answers there.

Just to give you a SWAG on your questions (that'd be a Scientific Wild Assed Guess ;-), you'll use about three times as much wood (by weight) as you would use gasoline (and gasoline weighs six pounds per US gallon). So if you drive 60mph in a 20mpg car, you'd use 3gph of gasoline or 18 pounds per hour of gasoline; Since I'm in a SWAG sort of a mood I will round this to twenty pounds per hour, to keep my math extra-simple. So you'd expect to use about 60 pounds per hour of wood.

I don't know what 3 US gal of gas costs these days in the US, so I'll just assume $6 (here in Canada it would cost about 7.20USD, and in Europe it would cost about $15).

If you were burning wood pellets at $6 per 40# bag, you'd use about $9 per hour of wood pellets (FWIW wood pellets are one of the most expensive forms you can buy wood in). On the other hand if your wood costs you $100 per ton (5c per lb), your 60# of wood would cost you $3.

In my opinion, setting up a car engine "dual fuel" (being able to instantly switch the gasoline on and off) is not only possible, it is very desirable, and the only way to go.

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