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Inventory of Online Wood Gas Generator Plans

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Here's a running list of DIY build it yourself Gasifier plans findable online.  If you know of others, please add to list.


GEK / Gasifier Experimenter's Kit, ALL Power Labs

Fluidyne (Doug Williams)

LaRosafier Double Rotor (Mike LaRosa)

Mother Earth News / MEN Gasifier


FAO 72: Wood Gas as Engine Fuel

ISBN92-5-02436-7, UN Food and Agricultural Organization, 1986


Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasification

Thomas Reed and Agua Das, SERI/SP-271-3022, DE88001135, March 1988."

(available in print from BEF at please support BEF. the entire BEF library is fabulous. buy the whole thing.)

Wood Gas for Mobile Applications (Vesa Mikkonen)

FEMA Manual- Constructing a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Internal Combustion Engines in a Petroleum Emergency
Henry LaFontaine, F.P. Zimmerman, March 1989
(available in print from  please support BEF. the entire BEF library is fabulous. buy the whole thing)
Also on the site at


Markus Almroth Gengasiddan site in Sweden (translated via Google)

Dutch John micro-gasifier plans

Windward Gasifier (Walt Patrick)

Design Rules for Downdraft Gasifiers: a short review, Jan Venselaar

Sizing charts for Imbert and Stratified Downdraft Designs

Complete list of resources, books, articles and data is over in the GEK

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